Goodwood (SI) Ltd
rough sawn timbers of species ~ vitex-similiar to teak wood.
Address:Ranadi Industrial Area, Honiara, Solomon Islands, Other, Solomon Island
Biluro Teak Timber Association
Teak Log,Logs size 15cm to 30cm diameter 7m in length.
Address:Tulagi Post Office
Xavier telecommunicatio
cocoa coconut by product.
Address:63 with street, QLD, Other, Solomon Islands,4350
Mentra Service
ea cucumber, trepang, beche-de-mer.
Address:Lord Howe Setttlement, Honiara, central Honiara, Solomon Islands,P.O.Box 366
Clement Tavoria
Balsa round logs,.
Lucky Star Exporter
fresh tasty raw yellow & white taro, cassava, sweet potato, dried copra, dried cocoa.
Address:P.O Box 769, Honiara, -, Solomon Islands,-
JSL Investment
coconut husk, tropical timber products, coconut products, mangrove crabs etc..
Address:Ranandi, HONIARA, GUADALCANAL, Solomon Islands,1343
Guadalcanal Handicraft
wooden, stone & shell carvings, hand woven baskets & mats from tree barks, grass, palms & pandanu.
Address:Mendana Avenue, Honiara, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands,PO Box 125
Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labour & Immigration
Market Research,Technical Advice,Business Trainings,.
Address:P. O. Box G26
Logs, Timber, Cocoa / Copra / Coconut,Timber & Plank.
Address:P. O Box 1577, Honiara, Solomon Islands
coconut husk,young coconut, organiccoconut oil,coconut shell,coconut husk/fibers,.
Address:Menda avenue
ATEC Ship SAR Consultancy Agency
Shipping Transport, Gold Dealer, Topazstone Dealer,,,,.
Address:Atec Ship Sar Consultancy Agency
FROG International
B2 Seaweed Traders
seaweed, eucheuma cottonii, seafood, dried seaweed, sun dried seaweed, raw sun dried seaweed.
Address:Independence Valley Honiara Guadalcanal Box 1770 Solomon Islands
Minerals From South America,Sulphur,Manganese,Silica Sand,Bentonite,Non-Metalic Minerals ,,,.
Address:7 Zenith Crescent
Inet Consultancy
Desktop, Laptop, Digital Camera, External HDD.
Address:PO Box 2039, Ngossi Valley, West Honiara Honiara Solomon Islands
Kianimari Limited
coconut timber flooring, coconut roofing tiles.
Address:White River, West Honiara Honiara Guadalcanal Province 677 Solomon Islands
personified inc
Ladies Jeans, Earrings, Necklaces,,,.
Address:Unit Absl3 Bugis Street
Mentra Services
sea cucumber, trepang, beche-de-mer,.
Address:Lord Howe Setttlement, Honiara, central Honiara, Solomon Islands
Cristoms Print & Plus Limited
Address:Prince Philip Highway, Ranadi Industrial Area Honiara Guadalcanal Province R146 Solomon Islands
Harvest Time
Clam Shell Meat, Shell Meat, Giant Clam Shell.
Address:Point Cruz, Honiara Honiara Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands Broadcasting Coporation
Address:Rove honiara Honiara Honiara n/a Solomon Islands
Locally, Domestic, Internation,,,,.
Address:Tandai High Way
cassava chips,cassava cuttings,fresh cassava,,,.
Address:Prince philip
reg tomlinson
Address:Po Box 1949
Native trust services
Marketing, Agent For Export,,,.
Address:White River
Crystal Products
sawn timber, Frozen fish & fillet, Mop shells, sea cucumber, Giant clum pearl.
Address:Mendana Avenue Honiara Guadalcanal 677 Solomon Islands
Mushroom (Prefered Boletus, Cantharellus Cibarius, Craterelluss Cornucopioides Pers. ) , Fruit, Medical Herbs, Vegetable, Such As: Fresh, Frozen & Dried, In Brine, Dehydrated.,Mushroom & Truffle,,,.
Address:Omladinska Bb
Daido SI Limited
Address:P.o box 1577,Bokona Honiara honiara Guadalcanal 123456789 Solomon Islands
Lingana Enterprise Ltd.
office paper, copy paper, school supplies stationery.
Address:Kombuvatu Rd, Honiara Guadalcanal 361 Solomon Islands
Nongara Handicrafts
local weave basket,shell earings,shell necklaces,wood carvings,,,.
Address:P.O Box G10, Hon
Eloga family
Address:Gilbert Camp
Uvea Investment
rough sawn timber,dried marine products,,,.
Address:Point Cruz
Breeder Hood
Serious buyers only.
Address:C / Rossello 259 Barcelona barcelona 08008 Solomon Islands
Xavier Telecommunications
cocoa coconut by products,.
Address:63 with street, QLD, Other, Solomon Islands
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