Al Wafaa Printing Pre
alwafaa cards / alwafaa printing pre.
Address:Other, Syria
Mahjoub Industrial Grou
UPVC windows and doors, UPVC profiles, Decotarvtive walls and celings, chairs and table.
Address:Hosh Blas- Sbeneh bridge, Damascus, Damascus, Syria,0000
Address:abouremanhestr.hbobi2 damascus, damascu
Address:tal tamr, alippo-al hassake, Syria
Boxs,Mirrors,Chairs,Cabinets,Antique piece,.
Address:ANBAR street
Alkabbani Trading
ALBankey Engineering Worksho
Address:Myadeen St. Deir Ezour, Deir Ezour
Noble Soap Company
Natural Handmade Soap,Olive Oil Soap,Syrian Soap,Laurel Soap,Aleppo soa,Noble soap, Aleppo Soa.
Address:kype: noblesoa
Dirawan and Natafji
raw material , pharmaceutical machines, laboratory equipment.
Address:Other, Syria
Al Ghanim for Trading & Contracting Co.
Air Conditioning services,HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling services,Electrical Medium and Low Voltage Constructions,Heating services,Trenchers and General Digging,.
Address:Al Ghader St.
Rako Washer
Copper Washers, Alaminium Washers, Fibre Washers, Galvanize Washer,.
un medical
roustome ltd
olive oil,Extra Virgin Olive Oil,Extra Virgin Olive Oil,.
aal brother
Address:almargah, aleepo, Syria
bayram trading
natural soap,pistachio nuts,.
Address:shaba street.
Top Torch Grou
Fertilizer,Textile Products,Cement,Fuel Oil,Food Products,Agriculture Products,Shoes,Plastics Products,General trading,Top Torch Footware Product, Top Agriculture Products, Cotton Natural Calcium Carbonate, Food Cement & Sand, Plastics Fuel Oil, Fertilizer ….
Address:Shahbandar-P. O. Box: 6405
Jad Grou
Pet Chips, Off Grade Pet, Chips, Plastic PVC PE, Recycling Material, International Trading.
Address:Ugaret St Aleppo,
Sham Garde
foodstuff product.
Address:Pzinae, Deir AL Asafeer, Damascus Countryside, Syria,Arbeen #50
Azmeh Co.
Washing, equipment, solvent, resistant.
Address:Tajheez Damascus,
oya oil products manufacturing.
Address:arbeen, damascus, Syria
import goods-export marble.
Address:Tijara, Damascus, Syria
ABM Trading LLC
unflower oil, Canned Food, Grain, Rice, Powdered Milk, Modified Starch, Chickpea.
Address:Mouhajereen, Nazem Pasha, Pash Kateb, Al Rabbat Blg Damascus,
Anas Taha
Address:aleppo, aleppo, aleppo, Syria,13942
international xxxxx business service
Address:aghdad, damascus, Syria,5716
ductail iron pipes, valve, fitting, iso 2351.
Address:ghazal damascus , spinadh
Awadis Istanboulia
lastic wastes, organic wastes treatment, machinery, coveyers, cellulose fiber..
Address:Kadam Hosh-Blass Damascus, Kadam
ALmimas for veterinary drug
antibiotics,vitamins,minerals,anti coccidia,anti protozoa,all kind of veterinary medicine,.
Address:EBN RASHEED st.
alsham radiator
Address:hosh plass, spyanna, damas, Syria
alam company
import bananas , orang , and export vegetables & fruits and import iron , sugar , fertilies , *****.
Address:hifonia, damascuse, douma, Syria
Ahmad Al Joudah
Fresh Kiwi, Fresh Tomato, Fresh Potato, Fresh Garlic, Fresh Apple, Fresh Chestnut, Fresh Ginger, Fresh Red Grape, Fresh White Grape, Fresh Mango, Fresh Banana, Fresh Orange,Vegetables, Fresh Fruit.
Address:Jordan Uni St.
AlZaim Grou
Address:Sbanah St Damascus,
cotton yar.
Address:Bader Al Din Al Hamed, Hama, Syria,33
Al-Amin Veterinary Medicine
Injectable,Oral,Powder,Udder Injectors,Ointment,Intrauterine Foam, Injector, Detergents, Boluses, Feed Additive, Ointment, Spray, Syrup, Injectable, Powder.
Address:Al-Baroudiyeh-Real Estates Building-2nd Floor
Virgin Fashio
apparel & fashio.
Address:Jol Jammal, Damascus, Harasta, Syria,11329
Compu Clu
Address:hanano tartous, syria
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