manufacturer of tropical species in logs and lumber, as well as worldwide exporter in timber.
Address:Other, Guyana
Wamara Logs,Mora Logs,Purpleheart Logs,Greenheart Logs,Darina Log,Logs & Wood Products, .
Address:76 Sparendaam, Housing Scheme
Trade One Guyana
Red Snapper,Grey Snapper,BangaMary,Butterfish,Sea Trout,Logs & Lumber, Fish, .
Address:142 Paikuya Lane, N/E LaPentience
Stack Holding
charcoal, hardwood charcoal, lump charcoal.
Address:Other, Guyana
Greenfield Rice Inv. Inc.
long grain white rice, paddy, brown rice.
Address:Esau Jacob, Georgetown, Demerara, Guyana,00000
Connection International Company
Wood logs and dressing wood,Coconut oil,Gold,Diamond,Bauxite,Mining, Plant & Animal Oil, .
Address:232 Middle Street
Tropical Commodities
Dried Coconuts,Water Coconuts,Dried Shrimp,Dried Fish,Fish Scales,Watermelons,Pumpkins,Limes,Pepper,Bananas,Plaintains,Oranges,Tangerines,Pineapple,Cucumbers,.
Address:Lot 45 D Austin Street Campbellville
amazion lumber
Address:10 station street, kitty, georgetown, Guyana
Waaldijk dress wood and Scrap metal ltd. & Waaldijk Holdings Inc.
crap iron , chicken and wood.
Address:107 Thomas Street,, kara kara, linden, Guyana,107
jason swarving
R&M Shipping Agency
logs, piles, rough sawn & dressed lumber wamara, greenheart, purpleheart, mora, darina, tatabu, kabukalli..
Address:Lot 42 AA Victoria Avenue, Eccles, Georgetown, East Bank Demerara, Guyana
Higher Heights Company
Address:1064 yarrowkabra, soesdyke, linden highway, Guyana,592
Modern Birides Plus
Wedding Dreses And Head Pieces,Wedding Favor / Cake Boxes And Programs,Wedding Alums And Invitations,Apparel & Fashion Agents, Wedding Dresses, .
Address:242 Albert St. and South Rd.
Kara Kara Forest Product
various species of hardwood and hardwood charcoal.
Address:103 pine street, Linden, Guyana, Guyana,00000
Kurunduni Logging & Development Co. Inc.
Log,Logs, .
Rahaman & Sons Used Spare Part & Auto Sale
auto spare, auto sale.
Address:Success Georgetown,
Synergy Global
Purpleheart,Wamara,Mora,Darina,Shibida,Commodities, Log.
Address:393 La Parfaite Harmony
uperdiscount store
general merchandise, apparell , baby product.
Address:118-regent street, georgetown, demarara/guyana, Guyana,---
Wayne Barrow Co
Carved furniture, paintings, sculpture, web development,Crafts, Agriculture Products Processing, Arts & Crafts Stocks, Bamboo & Wooden Crafts, .
Address:124 First Street, Granville Park, Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara
factory rejects bridal gowns,fabrics,all pearl beads, tulle, diamantes,gloves, silk and dried floral supplies, islamic fashion accessories,shoes, wedding gifts, scented candles,hijabs/scarves, hijab pins, all favors decorations, balloon pumps, paper ribbons,glue guns, glue sticks,fabric ….
Address:45 Robb Street,Lacytown, georgetown, south america, Guyana,none
Jakes Farm Product
rice, sugar, alcoholic beverages, bottled water, cereals, biscuit.
Address:1 Stanleytown, West Bank Demerara, Guyana,00000
Rice Guyana Inc.
Long Grain White Rice,Cargo Rice,Broken Rice,Rice Bran,Cargo Broken,Rice Bran, Long Grain White Rice.
Address:Essau Jacob
Trans Amazon Trading
Lumber,Pilings,Prefab Homes,wood products,Decking & flooring,Lumber/Construction/Furniture manufacture, Lumber/Construction/Marine, .
Address:38 2nd Ave. Subryanville
AS Woodworking Establishment
wooden furniture component.
Address:Coldingen, East Coast, Demerara, Guyana,01042
Kingdom Diplomats Corp.
Aloe Vera Products,Natural Health,Metals,.
Address:183 Kuru Kururu soesdyke Linden highway
Global Stars International Import & Export
Gold,Seafood's,Timber,Rice,Fruits & Vegetables,seafoos, red snappers, cat fish, grouper, bangmary,,,.
Address:212 Lance Gibbs St, Queenstown
Greyco Imports/Exports
Scrap plastics, scrap metal, electronic scraps, plasic t-shirt bags, computer parts, etc.,,,.
Address:42 Garnett Street
RMC Silica Company Limited
glass &construction grade silica sand, screened product for filter media, under cover, golf course, beach rehab & frac sand.,RMC Silica Company Limited,.
Address:305 Jamoon Drive Meadowbrook Gardens, Georgetown, Guyana
Bratholin Trading
powdered milk,.
Address:16 First Street, Cummins Lodge, Guyana, Guyana
Recycled plastics, for sale.
Address:54 Hadfield Street, Stabroek Georgetown ... ... Guyana
Guyana Imports & Exports
Address:170 Albert Street GEORGETOWN 00592 Guyana
Website, Cms, Online Products,Commercial Service,,,.
Address:102 Wisroc Park
Yiu Wing Trading
Chemicals, Foodstuff, Cosmetics, Dollar store items, Small Equipment.
Address:21 Vryheid West Canje New Amsterdam Berbice Guyana
Pandays Inc
fabrics, import, cost, benefits.
Address:lot d bel air georgetown 592 Guyana
dried coconuts, coconuts husk, poultry products, vegetables.
Address:lot 2&3 Good Hope, Mahaica, E.C.D Georgetown guyana Guyana
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